The Content of my Character

I'm Enobong Essien.  A dancer in musicals and a smiler of smiles.  Both my parents are Nigerian and I am the first person in my family to be born in England.  I am English, born and bred; a fact that is surprisingly difficult for some people to comprehend.  I am fully Nigerian and fully British and fully proud of being both.  People often joke that I pick and choose which nation I will associate with depending on context but I just like to take every opportunity I have to remind people that I belong to both.

I've been told by my white friends that "I'm not like other black people" and by my black friends that "I'm a white girl in black skin."  I've been called a coconut and a bounty bar and even a Coke bottle with Fanta inside.  Why does being black mean I can't swim?  Why does being black mean I can't like rock and indie music?  Why does being black mean I have to love watermelon?  (I do like watermelon incidentally but that is besides the point).  I am not the exception to your "average" black girl.  I am just a human with a high dosage of melanin and, in the words of Usher, "these are my confessions".